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Naran Kaghan Valley Pakistan (History | Heritage | Geography)

Naran Kaghan Valley Pakistan (History | Heritage | Geography)

Naran Kaghan Valley of Pakistan: A Paradise on Earth

“Looking at the beauty in the world is the first step of purifying the human mind.” – Amit Ray

The world is full of several beautiful places which soothe the souls and minds of people. There is no greater beauty or charm than what we can find in nature.

God has gifted Pakistan with many such places which are the true reflection of mother nature.

Tourists visit the beautiful valleys and places of Pakistan every year. Similar to other beautiful northern areas of Pakistan, Kaghan Valley is no exception in terms of beauty.

This valley truly regards as a heaven on earth with its picturesque valleys, lush green pastures, snowy mountains, and scenic lakes.

Let me tell you one thing more! The place is worth visiting for spending your summer vacation 2019. Above all, when TourMover is here, there is no need to get anxious about traveling to Naran Kaghan Valley of Pakistan.

TourMover offers best and affordable packages for tourists visiting Naran Kaghan Valley of Pakistan. Before you decide about vacation tour in 2019, read this Naran Kaghan Tour Guide.

Geography of Naran-Kaghan Valley

Waadi e Kaghan! Yes, this is the most beautiful valley of KPK.

The Kaghan Valley is an alpine-climate valley in Mansehra district of KPK. The total length of the Kaghan valley is 155 kilometers.

The height of this valley is 2,134 feet minimum and it rises up to 13,690 feet to the Babusar Top. Moreover, the valley lies in the lower Himalayan Range.

The roads to the valley are very smooth and go along the River Kunhar – a very beautiful river of Pakistan. Kaghan Valley is also known as “the botanist’s paradise” because of Pine, Cedar and Fir trees forests. The beautiful forests are present along the road until the Naran Valley approaches at about 8,000 feet.

The valley is accessible through road from Abbottabad. The gateway of Kaghan valley is Balakot, which is at 72 kilometers drive from Abbottabad. The beautiful views of the valley start from Balakot.

Above all, the real enjoyment to Kaghan valley is the road trip. Because there are steep slopes to the river on the left side and lofty peaks on the right side.

So what are you thinking? Pick up your phone and contact TourMover now to book your road trip to Kaghan Valley in summer vacation 2019.

History of Naran-Kaghan Valley

The Naran-Kaghan Valley of KPK is renowned for its history dated back to British Colonial period. Since the stone age to the current era, the region had inhabited several casts like Swati, Awan, Kashmiri, Durai, Mughal, and Quarish.

The region is rich in terms of historical buildings and monuments. There are Buddhist temples and stupas, monuments of the Islamic period, Hindu’s and Sikh’s temples, Buddhist monasteries, and buildings of the Colonial period.

Moreover, there are several folklores, archaeological graves, and different legendary buildings that are famous for their historical background.

During your visit to Naran-Kaghan Valley of KPK, you can take your family to visit these historical graves and buildings. TourMover guide will definitely accompany you in exploring these sites.

Heritage and Culture of Naran-Kaghan Valley

People: The people of Naran-Kaghan valley of KPK are mostly Gujars. They are very hospitable, friendly and generous. They welcome the guests and tourists from the core of their hearts. The people of this valley are tall and strong.

Dress: The traditional dress of people in Naran-Kaghan Valley is Shalwar Qameez. Women also wear a dupatta. The aged people in society also wear turbans.

Language: Most of the locals in Naran-Kaghan valley speak Gojri and Hindko. But they can also understand and speak Urdu.

Occupation: Most of the people in Naran-Kaghan Valley are shopkeepers, restaurant and hotel managers, tour guides, jeep drivers, shepherds, etc. Some of the people also earn their living by growing crops.

Women of the area are housewives. Moreover, the people have established cottage industries in the home to make handicrafts. These accessories are then sold in the main bazaar of Naran-Kaghan Valley of KPK.

Education: The area is not much developed in terms of education. There are only a few schools that provide education to children.

But there are no colleges and universities in the area. Due to this reason, most of the adults are working in the shops of their fathers and uncles, etc.

Lifestyle: The people of Kaghan valley are nomads means they change their place depending upon climatic conditions. They are very hardworking, brave and spend a tough life. Above all, they are capable of surviving harsh weather conditions.

If you want to enjoy the heritage and culture of Kaghan Valley, you must visit this valley in summer 2019 with TourMover.

Shopping in Kaghan Valley

“Shop in the name of love :).”

Is that not unfair to take your family to such a beautiful place and not buy them a single handicraft? Yes, it’s unfair.

Naran-Kaghan Bazaar! It’s famous for handmade woolen clothes i.e. embroidered shawls, shirts, sweaters, bedclothes, dresses, and rugs (Namdas), etc.

I remember buying a very beautiful handmade waist-coat and cap set for my nephews from Naran Bazaar.

Handmade jewelry is also a famous accessory available in Naran-Kaghan bazaar. It’s one of the most favorite accessories for girls and there you can find antique bangles, necklaces, rings, earrings, and much more.

There are some shops in this bazaar where you can find imported stuff such as shoes and jackets etc. Moreover, there are numerous shops with men accessories.

Moreover, there are eateries and food shops all along with the market where you can eat while shopping. You can find fast food shops, ice-cream shops, regular meal shops, dry-fruit shops, etc. in the bazaar.

Let me tell you one amazing fact about Naran-Kaghan bazaar! If you are tired of hiking and walking throughout the day, there are massagers wandering in the bazaar.

They massage your legs for few pennies and it is literally a wonderful experience.

Above all, the accessories in these bazaars are highly affordable and you can buy gifts for all your family members.

Dear, never forget buying a beautifully embroidered shawl for your mommy from beautiful Naran-Kaghan Bazaar!

Picnic Spots in Naran-Kaghan Valley

Yes, it’s time for children. Road trips seem boring to children usually and it is necessary to take them to parks and beautiful picnic spots in Naran-Kaghan Valley.

First of all, take your children to Lake Saif ul Malook through jeeps and let them enjoy horse riding there. They can also play with snow in the mountains and make their own ice-man and photograph with them.

There are also parks with swings on the main road of Naran where you can take them to enjoy. You can also take your children to beautiful lakes of Naran-Kaghan valley.

Moreover, if your children have strong stamina and they can climb lofty mountains, take them to trek on trails. But never forget to take some dates, a water bottle, and hiking sticks with you.

You can also take the help of TourMover guides for exploring the Beautiful Places in Naran-Kaghan Valley of Pakistan.

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