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Naran Kaghan Tour Guide 2019

Naran Kaghan Tour Guide 2019

Tour Guide to Naran-Kaghan Valley of Pakistan (2019)

“Take every chance you get in life because some things only happen once.” – Karen Gobbs

The summer of 2019 is the best chance and it will never come again. Therefore, you must take this splendid chance to visit beautiful Naran-Kaghan Valley of KPK.

The valley is unparallel in terms of its beauty, culture, people, and history. From the start of Balakot to Babusar top of Kaghan Valley, the entire valley is highly fascinating.

First of all, Kaghan Valley is a perfect spot of KPK to spend your summer vacation. If you want to explore the entire valley, spare a week or two out of your summer and visit the place.

Week or two? Yes, it sounds astonishing, but with TourMover, your tour package will be highly affordable.

Secondly, you don’t have to worry about traveling, accommodation, tour guides, and food, etc. TourMover will arrange everything for your trip and will provide naran kaghan tour guide.

Before you plan your itinerary, it is important to study this tour guide to Naran-Kaghan Valley of Pakistan.

Traveling to Naran-Kaghan

Most of the people cancel their road trips when it comes to traveling by road. And I can understand why do they do so. Because they don’t know who to hire, how to get and explore these Naran Kaghan Places to Visit, and where to stay, etc.

It comes handy when someone is there to guide you while traveling. TourMover is the best dealer in tour packages if you are planning to spend your summer vacation or honeymoon in Naran-Kaghan Valley of KPK.

Ok! First of all, traveling to Naran-Kaghan Valley is an important concern. Most importantly, you must know the route and the ways for going to this beautiful valley of Pakistan.

The route to Naran-Kaghan Valley

Traveling to Naran-Kaghan from any city of Pakistan is so straightforward as the roads are smooth and safe. There are two routes for getting to this valley.

  1. Naran-Kaghan Valley Via Muzaffarabad
  2. Naran-Kaghan Valley Via Abbottabad and Mansehra

The route via Muzaffarabad presents epic scenery throughout the travel. It is handy for the travelers coming from Punjab side.

First of all, you have to reach Murree and then to Kohala via Bhurban road. Kohala is a gateway to Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

After that, you have to reach Muzaffarabad, then to Balakot via Garhi Habibullah and Lohari Gali. There is a distance of 60 KM from Balakot to Kaghan Valley which can be reached in 2 hours due to the bumpy and curvy road.

The route via Abbottabad Mansehra is easily accessible from KPK and Punjab as well. If you are traveling from Peshawar, you have to reach Abbottabad Mansehra through Motorway or GT Road.

Otherwise, if you are traveling from Islamabad, you have to reach Hassan Abdal first. Secondly, you have to enter the KPK gate and after covering Abbottabad, you have to reach Mansehra.

The route ahead is same i.e. passing Balakot, Kiwai, and Paras to reach the beautiful Naran-Kaghan Valley of KPK. The condition of roads on both routes is normal and is easily accessible for cars.

Traveling by local transport

Traveling by local transport includes coasters, vans, and local bus services, etc. For traveling to Abbottabad, there are several local buses available from almost all cities of Pakistan.

For instance, Daewoo bus service, Niazi bus service, Express bus services, and Faisal Movers, etc. Almost all of them charge between Rs. 300 to 500 to Abbottabad.

After reaching Abbottabad, you have to take a local bus or van to Mansehra. Then from Mansehra, you have to take another vehicle for going to Balakot.

In the Balakot, you have to hire another local transport for traveling to Naran-Kaghan Valley. Sometimes mini-vans from Balakot take you straight to Kaghan valley.

This way of traveling is safer and cheaper but gets you weary and tired before you explore the valley.

Traveling by Rental Cars

Traveling by rental cars is another option for traveling to Naran-Kaghan Valley. The primary advantage of traveling by rental cars is that you travel comfortably.

Moreover, you don’t have to change buses on several stops. Also, it is the safest way to travel right from your city to the beautiful Naran-Kaghan Valley.

Above all, it becomes even easier when TourMover is here. They provide you with the best packages on affordable prices and ensures your safety and ease throughout the travel.

Pick up your phone now and contact TourMover at 03015653000.

The weather of Naran-Kaghan Valley

“People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they are happy.” – Anton Chekhov

This is true because every season looks beautiful when you are happy by heart and enjoy nature. The Naran-Kaghan Valley is located at a height of more than 8,000 feet.

It shows that the weather in this place is extremely cold. However, the weather remains changing but is pleasant throughout the year.

Weather of Naran-Kaghan Valley in summer: In the summer season, the weather of Naran-Kaghan valley is pleasant. The days are sunny and there are no chances of snowfall from May to September.

This is a high time for the locals to earn their living from tourism.

The weather of Naran-Kaghan Valley in winter: The weather of Naran-Kaghan valley is extremely cold in winter. It goes to -5 degrees and experiences heavy snowfall in the months of December to February. Most of the roads get blocked due to land sliding.

Best time to visit Naran Kaghan Valley

“You can visit the same place over and over again and see it differently each time.”

It was the most beautiful thing on the internet that came across me. It is a meaningful saying and specifically applies when we think of the best time to visit beautiful places. The best time to visit beautiful places is whenever you feel attracted to nature.

However, Naran-Kaghan valley is one of the beautiful valleys of Pakistan and the best time to visit this valley is:

Feeling bored in spring: You can visit anytime the place in March and April to see the greenery.

In love with snow: You must spend your winter break in the Naran-Kaghan Valley and enjoy heavy snowfall.

Tired of hot weather: Go and spend your summer vacation by hiring a rental for the entire month.

Want to experience the love of mother nature: Visit the beautiful Naran-Kaghan valley any time of the year.

Depending upon the weather conditions, the best time to visit this beautiful valley of KPK is from May to September when the sun rays add more to the beauty of snowy mountains.

Hotels and rentals in Kaghan Valley

“Hospitality is simply an opportunity to show love and care to the guests.”

People in Naran-Kaghan valley especially the hotel, rentals and restaurant managers are always very welcoming. As soon as you enter the valley, they welcome you and offer excellent customer service. They want you to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

All of the hotels in Naran-Kaghan Valley are rich with modern day amenities. These include well-designed rooms, car-parking, internet facility, and electricity, etc. Moreover, they are available at affordable prices.

If you are going single, with family, or on honeymoon, there are hotels available to match your needs. Above all, TourMover is here to arrange an economical stay for you in hotels of Naran-Kaghan Valley of KPK.

Some best hotels of Naran-Kaghan valley include:

  1. Green Park Hotel Shogran
  2. Pines Hill Hotel Naran
  3. Pine Park Hotel Naran
  4. Hotel Green Naran city
  5. Perhana Cottage Bella Naran
  6. The Greywalls
  7. Arcadian Riverside Khanian Kaghan
  8. Hotel Green Naran city
  9. De’Manchi Hotel
  10. PTDC Motel Naran
  11. Sayyam Heights
  12. Kunhar View Hotel
  13. STC Motel

All of these hotels have standard, deluxe, and executive rooms. It depends on your budget to book any one of them. But when TourMover is here, you don’t need to worry about stay in Naran-Kaghan valley.

Another option for staying in Naran-Kaghan valley is to hire tent rentals. If you can’t afford to stay in luxury hotels, this is the best option for you. Moreover, they are equipped with all facilities except a place for parking and wifi.

Don’t worry about the budget! TourMover has an entire tour package for you to visit Naran-Kaghan Valley in summer 2019. It is affordable for everyone.

Things to do in Naran-Kaghan Valley

Food: There are a number of restaurants and hotels in Naran-Kaghan Valley. They offer a variety of delicious cuisines such as Chicken Karahi, Chicken Biryani, Chicken Achari, and Chicken Roast. Must try all of these dishes and never forget to taste trout fish as well.

Entertainment: For enjoyment, take a walk on the main Naran road. Moreover, climbing the mountains, visit the gardens, enjoy tea in chilled weather, and sit by the side of the river. You must take your family to trek and hiking on beautiful trails.

Shopping: Take your family to shop in local Naran Bazaar. Buy gifts for your kids, friends, and family. Don’t forget to bring dry fruits. Also, buy a beautiful shawl for your mother. No doubt, things are available at affordable prices.

Visit Kaghan Valley for Honeymoon

“Looking back at my life’s voyage, I can only see that it has been a golden trip.” – Ginger Rogers

You must make your honeymoon trip a memorable one. If you are getting married in March or in December, Naran-Kaghan valley is the perfect spot for a honeymoon in Pakistan.

The valley has a beautiful river, lush green pastures, highest mountains, numerous lakes, and romantic sceneries. After all, this is your lifetime trip and you must enjoy it in a beautiful place.

To enjoy the starting days of your blessed wedding, you must take your newlywed to this perfectly beautiful valley of KPK.

But wait a while! Have you booked your trip in advance? If not, then contact TourMover now. This is most important because TourMover will make arrangement for your travel and stay at highly affordable prices.

A romantic room in a luxury hotel of beautiful Naran-Kaghan valley is awaiting your arrival!

One thing more! Must take your better half to Sharan forest, Siri Paye, Lalazar, and Saif-ul-Malook. Additionally, take her to the Naran bazaar for shopping as well.

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