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Amazing Naran Kaghan Places to Visit in 2019

Amazing Naran Kaghan Places to Visit in 2019

Beautiful Places to Visit in Naran-Kaghan Valley of Pakistan

“The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page.” – St. Agustine

I second this saying of Mr. Agustine as I am fond of traveling to the beautiful places of Pakistan – my motherland.

By traveling around the world, we can write numerous pages in the book of our life. Each page has a different story and each story is more beautiful than the other.

Similarly, the places in this world are very beautiful, each more beautiful than others. There are also a number of beautiful places in Pakistan. Naran-Kaghan Valley of KPK is one of them.

Most of the people think of visiting beautiful places during their seasonal vacations. And most of them prefer visiting beautiful northern areas of Pakistan such as Naran-Kaghan Valley.

Kaghan Valley is a river valley where Kunhar River flows beautifully. It also consists of numerous beautiful villages, valleys, and lakes.

Moreover, the place is also well-known for its elevation of 8,000 feet and intensely cold weather. The region inhabits an alpine climate means the average temperature around the year is not more than 10 degrees.

I visited this place back in summer 2017 and I assure you that the place is a promising one. First of all, let me introduce you to the beautiful places and lakes of Naran-Kaghan Valley.

Beautiful Naran Kaghan Places to Visit in 2019

1. Naran Valley

Naran Valley

It is one of the beautiful towns located in upper Kaghan valley. The distance between Naran and Mansehra district is 74 miles and between Naran and Babusar top is 43 miles.

The elevation of this scenic valley is around 8,000 feet. Moreover, it is a famous and most visited tourist place in Pakistan.

This beautiful valley is located along the picturesque River Kunhar and therefore the place is ideal for trout fishing. The view of the river in the evening, during the sunset, is out of this world.

The river is swollen by the melting of glaciers. Moreover, some areas in the River Kunhar are ideal for river rafting.

More than one lac tourists visit Naran every year from all over Pakistan because it is a base-camp for many other tourists destinations of Kaghan Valley.

The place is thriving with tourists in the month of June and July. They flow to Naran valley to get rid of the intense heat of plain areas. In the winter season, the region receives heavy snowfall.

Numerous people spend their vacations in Naran valley. They hire rentals or hotels in Naran and enjoy day excursions to several beautiful places of Kaghan valley.

For instance, Lake Saif ul Malook, Shogran valley, Aansoo Jheel, Lalazar, and Babusar Top, etc.

Moreover, there is a very huge bazaar in Naran where a number of accessories are available. Also, there are a number of hiking trails and treks where you can climb up the mountains.

Go and enjoy sitting by river Kunhar, climbing mountains, visiting lake Saif-ul-Malook, shopping, and roasting lamb. After all, this vacation must be a memorable one.

Hence, contact TourMover now and book your tour to Naran Valley for summer 2019. We offer the best packages including travel, stay and accommodation, and services of a tour guide.

2. Malika Parbat

malika parbat

Malika Parbat… The name sounds cool!!! It means the Queen of the mountains.

And this is true… The place is a queen in terms of its height and beauty. It is the highest mountain of Kaghan Valley. The pure white snowy peak is clearly visible from Lake Saif-ul-Malook.

The reflections of this beautiful peak could be seen in the crystal clear waters of the lake.

The height of Malika Parbat is 5,290 meters and it is accessible from Lake Saif-ul-Malook easily. The distance between Malika Parbat and the lake is 6 KM.

There are four summits in this range i.e. Malika Parbat (South), Malika Parbat (North), Malika Parbat (Cresta), and Malika Parbat Fore Summit.

Do you know an amazing fact about Malika Parbat? It is one of the most technical peaks after the height of 5,000 meters. Up till now, only twelve climbers have reached the height of this peak.

Climbing this peak is a challenging task and locals could not climb this peak due to its steepness. This is due to the presence of several hanging glaciers on the way to the top. Climbing this peak is a painstaking because of its technicality.

A friendly suggestion for you! Don’t dare to climb this peak, only take photographs and enjoy its beauty from Lake Saif-ul-Malook. TourMover guide will accompany you.

3. Supat Valley

supat valley

Supat Valley – A paradise enriched with wildlife.

This beautiful valley of Kaghan is suitable for trekkers, hikers, fish catchers, mountain bikers, nature admirers, and photographers.

This valley stretches from Himalaya Mountain range to Dassu in Hazara Kohistan. It touches both the Kaghan Valley and Babusar Top.

After crossing the town of Naran, there is a village Sohch which is the starting point of Supat valley. After trekking of 5 to 6 hours from this village, Supat valley arrives.

The valley is very beautiful because it consists of huge glaciers, sparkling waterfalls, blue water lakes, wild flora plains, wildlife, and heavy green forests. Ibex, deer, snow leopards, markhor, and marmots are famous wildlife of this region.

So, do you want to visit this beautiful valley?

You must, because there are two beautiful lakes in Supat valley i.e. Maheen Lake and Shamis Lake. Peridot is the famous gemstone of Supat Valley.

Roughly 1000 to 2000 homes are present in this valley. Never miss a visit to see the beauty of Supat valley during your tour to Naran Valley in summer 2019.

4. Shogran


Shogran valley is another most picturesque hill station located on a green plateau in Kaghan Valley. It can be accessed through Kiwai and is located at a 34 KM distance from Balakot. There is a carpeted road to Shogran and you can get there by normal cars or vans.

The height of Shogran is 7,747 feet and on the way you can experience thick pine forests. If you’re tired of the intense heat of plains, go and spend your vacation in Shogran where summers are pleasant.

Shogran Forest Rest House is the best place to visit in Shogran. From the lawns of this beautiful rest house, you can see panoramic views of lofty mountains. Moreover, Malika Parbat, Mussa ka Mussalla, and Makra, which are the highest peaks of Kaghan Valley, are also visible from Shogran.

There are also a number of hotels where visitors can stay for a night. In addition, a number of restaurants and tea stalls are also present where travelers enjoy food and sip hot tea in cold weather.

Moreover, Siri Paye, a very beautiful spot of Kaghan Valley, is also accessible from Shogran.

All you should do is to contact TourMover and we will provide a guide for you to explore entire Shogran.

5. Babusar Pass

Babusar Pass

Babusar Pass!!! It connects Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the Gilgit Baltistan province of Pakistan.

This is a very beautiful pass that connects Kaghan valley in KPK to the Chilas on the Karokoram highway via Thak Nala. The height of this pass is 13,691 feet and the road to Babusar Pass is easily accessible by cars because of carpeted roads.

The best time to visit Babusar Top is from June to September when the road to Naran is open. Babusar Top is easily accessible both from Islamabad and Peshawar.

From the top of Babusar, you can get the panoramic views of snow peaks and beautiful valleys. British during their rule built a track in 1892 from Babusar Top to Gilgit, which was previously accessible only through Srinagar.

5.1. The route to Babusar Top

For going to Babusar Top, you can hire a jeep from Naran and if you want to spend only one day, you must leave early in the morning. Moreover, Babusar Pass is located at the end of Kaghan valley.

The route starts from Naran and the first village you will encounter is Batakundi. From Batakundi, there is a 5 KM jeep track to Lalazar plateau. On the same road, next is Burawai village at 8 KM distance. After covering 11 KM ahead, there is Jalkhad village.

Then there is Noori Pass that connects Kaghan valley to Azad Kashmir. After that Besal town is at 23 KM distance from Jalkhad.

On the way, you can also find Dudipatsar and Lulusar lake. After that, there is Gitidas Lake which is the last spot before Babusar Top.

On your way to Babusar Top, you may find green pastures, beautiful lakes, colorful blooming flowers, and herds of sheep. I would suggest you not to miss this beautiful tip when you go on the trip to Kaghan valley in summer 2019.

Above all, you can also go to Chilas (50 KM from here), Gilgit, Hunza, Skardu and other beautiful valleys of Pakistan.

6. Manna Meadows

Manna Meadows

Located at an elevation of 8,000 feet, Manna Meadows in Kaghan valley is a very enchanting place. For reaching Manna Meadows through Paya, there is a 4 hours trek. And from Manna Meadows to Shogran, there is a consistent 3 hours trek.

On your way to Mana Meadows, you can enjoy the flowers in full bloom during the month of June to September. Go to this beautiful place and enjoy the calmness and serenity of this paradise on earth.

7. Sharan

Sharan Kaghan Valley

Sharan! An untouched reserve of KPK… Unparalleled in beauty and enchantment…

Located at the opposite bank of River Kunhar at a 16 KM distance from Paras, Sharan is a beautiful dense forest in Kaghan Valley.

The height of this place is 7,872 feet. The place doesn’t see many tourists around the year and isn’t use for commercial purposes.

This beautiful forest has dense vegetation and is present adjacent to the Manshi top – a very beautiful plateau. The place is full of different species of flora and fauna, mosses, mushrooms, fruits, and vegetation.

Moreover, if you are a challenge-taker, dare to find beautiful water streams in the tracks of this forest. You can also stay here by camping at various sites and small huts of the tourism department are also present.

Moreover, if you want to get to Musa ka Musalla, start two to three days trekking from Sharan forest.

If you want to inhale the freshest air, this is the place you must visit during your trip to Naran-Kaghan valley.

8. Shinu

This is another most beautiful town of Naran-Kaghan valley in the vicinity of Sharan forest and a little ahead of Paras.

An interesting fact about Shinu! This place is famous for the hatcheries of trout fishes. If you are fish-lovers or fish catching is your interest, this is the best place in Kaghn valley for fishing.

Fisheries Department at Shinu issues licenses for fish-catching in the well-stocked regions of the river.

Remember one thing! Please follow the law and get your license first before catching a single fish. Also, get ready to catch beautiful brown trout and rainbow trout here.

9. Siri Paye

Siri Paye kaghan valley

The name is astonishing!!! Siri means “lake” in Hindko and Paye means “high grazing ground” in Hindko, so the name means lake in high gazing ground.

Siri Paye is a beautiful meadow with steep mountains, narrowest road, gravel tracks, rocky landslides, and snowy winter. The mountains here seem blanketed with greenery and offers serenity to the soul.

This meadow is located in Kaghan Valley near the beautiful hill station Shogran. Moreover, the height of Siri Paye is 10,032 feet above the sea level.

Do you know what adds more to the beauty of this meadow? The crystal clear water lake present in the right center of the meadow.

This beautiful meadow of Kaghan valley is surrounded by Malika Parbat, Makra Peak, and Musa ka Musalla.

For going to Siri Paye, one has to go to Shogran through jeeps by covering an exhilarating track of 40 minutes. There is a trekking distance of 3 hours and 20 minutes drive in a jeep from Shogran to Siri Paye. You can also rent a tent here.

If you visit it in winters, it’s densely covered with snow. If you visit it in the summer season, it is full of greenery and beautiful flowers.

Go and spend a romantic honeymoon in Siri Paye and take a lot of pictures. After all, TourMover is here to provide you with the best packages for a tour.

10. Lalazar

lalazar kaghan valley

A breathtaking place with a beautiful lake, yes, it’s Lalazar!

It is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Naran-Kaghan Valley. Another name of Lalazar is the Valley of blooming flowers. It is located at an elevation of 10,246 feet above sea level in the upper Kaghan valley.

The spring season is the best time to visit Lalazar because you can enjoy the enchanting beauty of blooming flowers. There is a distance of 2 KM from Batakundi to Lalazar which is accessible through jeeps.

There is also a beautiful lake in Lalazar which provides a picturesque sight during July and August. On the way to Lalazar, you can spot numerous Markhors and snow pigeons. Moreover, there are also a number of potato fields present in Lalazar.

You must visit this beautiful place in Kaghan valley this summer and get yourself photographed with colorful flowers.

11. Kiwai

kiwai kaghan valley

Kawai is another beautiful town of Kaghan valley which comes at first after entrance into Naran. The distance between Balakot and Kiwai village is only 24 KM and only a small number of people reside here.

Most of the tracks that pass through Kiwai village are covered with dense forests of pine trees. Therefore, the chances of a landslide in rainy weathers are extremely high.

Payee Lake is also accessible through Kiwai passing through Shogran. Additionally, this lake is accessible only by jeep. You must not forget to stop at this beautiful village on your way to Kaghan Valley.

12. Noori Top

Noori Top kaghan valley

Noori top is another most beautiful mountain peak of Kaghan valley with an elevation of about 13,000 feet. The peak covers with snow throughout the year and looks very beautiful.

There are two hiking tracks that originate from Noori top i.e. Ratti Gali track and Saral lake track.

The Noori top is present at the border of Kaghan valley and Azad Kashmir. Due to this, it connects Jalkhad in Naran valley to Sharda in Kashmir valley.

The road to this peak is very dangerous because of its steepness. The mountain is accessible only through jeeps and you reach a new height at every turn.

Do you know a dangerous fact about Noori top? At most of the points, the peak becomes so narrower that only one vehicle can pass and the one coming from the opposite side has to stop.

The track to this peak is open only from July to September. Due to the danger of this road, you have to drive with full concentration. The Kargil mountains can also be viewed from here.

Remember one thing! Don’t dare to go on this track alone if you’re not an experienced driver. Contact TourMover and our guide will help you.

13. Makra Peak

Makra Peak Kaghan Valley

Makra Peak! Makra is a word of Urdu language which means spider. It is called so because after getting snowfall, this peak resembles the shape of a spider.

It is the most scenic peak of Kaghan Valley which is present in the South-east of Kiwai and South of Paye Meadow. From Kiwai to Shogran and then up to Siri and Paye, it takes 4 to 6 hours trekking to Makra.

Due to the steepness of mountain and snowfall, the climb to Makra top is a bit difficult. However, considering the weather conditions, the route can be covered easily.

Do you know what is the motivation behind climbing Makra Peak? From here you can see beautiful sceneries of Hazara and Azad Kashmir. So, let’s take this challenge to climb this beautiful peak to gain the first-hand experience of spider’s shape mountain.

14. Batakundi

Batakundi kaghan valley

Batakundi is a beautiful and small mountain village located in Kaghan Valley of KPK. The height of Batakundi is 8,607 feet above the sea level. The distance between Naran and Batakundi is about 16 KM.

There are several hotels, rest houses, and restaurants in Batakundi including PWD resthouse. If you are going to Babusar Pass, this is the first village you encounter. The village remains open throughout the winter season as well.

Hence, if you are going on a honeymoon to Naran valley, you can stay here in rest houses if there is no other place available.

15. Dana Meadows

Dana Meadows Kaghan Valley

“Go to the meadows, go to the garden, go to the wood, open your eyes!” – Albert Hoffmann

Yes, enjoy nature by opening your eyes.

The beautiful Dana Meadows is located in north-end of Kaghan Valley at an altitude of 10,000 feet. There are a number of lofty, snowy white peaks located here to a height of 15,000 feet. It is one of the most beautiful tourist spots of Kaghan valley.

The starting point of Dana Meadows is Khanian, a small village present on the right bank of River Kunhar. There was a trek to Dana Meadows which was destroyed by the earthquake of 2005. After that, the trek is inaccessible by jeeps.

You must visit this beautiful spot in Kaghan Valley during your trip.

16. River Kunhar

River Kunhar kaghan valley

Kunhar River!!! Persians call it Nain Sukh, means the tranquillity of eyes.

Starting from the Lulusar lake, at a distance of 48 KM from Naran, it flows through Naran Valley, Garhi Habibullah, Balakot, and Jalkhad in Kaghan valley.

Then it joins River Jhelum outside Muzzafarrabd. The length of River Kunhar is 166 KM and it is the most beautiful river in KPK.

The river is swollen by the glaciers of Malika Parbat and other glaciers of the region. There are different species of fishes found in this river, predominantly Trout.

Additionally, the river is very romantic and the valleys alongside are lush green and beautiful. At some spots, this river also allows river rafting sports activity.

Hence, pack your bag, call TourMovers and book your tour to beautiful Naran-Kaghan valley in summer 2019.

Beautiful Lakes in Naran Kaghan:

“A lake is the landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature. It is earth’s eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature.” – Henry David Thoreau

So, you must sit by a lake to know your own self in the beauty and serenity of nature.

Naran-Kaghan valley is one of the beautiful valleys of KPK. Another name of these valleys is the “Valleys of Lakes” because there are a number of lakes present here.

On your trip to Naran-Kaghan valley of KPK in summer 2019, you must stop by each of these lakes to enjoy their beauty. First of all, let me introduce you to all of them.

1. Lake Saif-ul-Malook

Lake Saif-ul-Malook

It has a number of names… For instance, heaven on earth, the lake of fairies, the best tourist spot in Naran-Valley

It is a must visit place for all the tourists who hire jeeps from Naran bazaar and visit this picturesque lake and take photographs.

Lake Saif-ul-Malook is in the northern end of Kaghan Valley located at an elevation of 10,578 feet above the sea level.

The lake itself is very beautiful and looks like a bowl surrounded by lofty snowy peaks. The water of the lake is greenish-blue, freezing in winter, and crystal clear.

It is the highest alpine glacial lake of Pakistan and is regarded as the fifth most visited tourist destination in Pakistan. This lake is actually formed by the waters of glaciers surrounding it.

An amazing fact about Lake Saif-ul–Malook!!! This lake is famous for its folktale love story of a prince and princess.

A prince named Saif-ul-Malook fell in love with princess Badri-ul-Jamala at this beautiful lake. Therefore, the lake took its name after the prince.

Moreover, the lake also houses biological diverse water species. One can find rare brown trout fish, several species of blue-green algae, 26 species of vascular water-plants and phytoplankton.

The best time to visit Lake Saif-ul-Malook is from June to September, I remember visiting this lake in August 2017 and no doubt that its beauty was awesome in that month.

There were green pastures and snowy peaks surrounding the lake.

If you want to adventure in the lake, boating facilities are also available. There is a group of musicians sitting there in the mountains and entertaining the people with classical music. Horse riding is another option for children to enjoy and fun.

2. Lulusar Lake


Lake Lulusar!!! One of the momentous lakes of Pakistan located in Kaghan valley.

It is an untouched and unexplored spot of Kaghan valley because of its location on 11,190 feet above the sea level. It is located on Mansehra-Naran-Jalkhad road in between Basil and Babusar Top.

Most of the tourists don’t visit this place because of its distant location and road blockage due to heavy snowfall.

This lake is the primary source of River Kunhar and after flowing through the entire length of Kaghan valley, its confluence is with River Jhelum. The distance between Naran and Lulusar lake is 30 KM.

Lulusar Lake is unique in terms of its beauty, serenity, crystal clear waters, and freshest breeze. In the midst of mountains and green meadows, you can sit by the side of this lake and talk to nature.

Moreover, there are also small huts and stalls for eateries and tea to provide refreshment to the tourists. Therefore, you must visit this beautiful lake of Kaghan valley during your tour in summer 2019.

3. Dudipatsar Lake

Dudipatsar Lake

Dudipatsar Lake!!! Another precious pearl of Kaghan Valley. Another name of this lake is Dudipat lake.

Let me tell you the facts behind the name of the lake first. Dudi means “white”; Pat means “mountain”; and Sar means Lake. It literally means White Mountains Lake.

The logic behind this name is that it is completely surrounded by snow clad mountains on all sides.

This is a very beautiful lake and water of the lake in summers is clear like crystals. However, the lake is greenish-blue and the water is freezing.

It lies at a height of 12,500 feet above the sea level. The surrounding peaks of this lake are 15,700 feet above the sea level. Moreover, the lake is basically located in Lulusar-Dudipatsar National Park.

The best time to visit Dudipatsar lake is from June to September when the route is easily accessible. Trekking to this lake is from a trail located in Besal, Naran.

Due to its ecological features, the lake is also home to numerous flora and fauna. Migratory waterfowls, snow leopard, black bear, marmot, weasel, lynx, leopard, Himalayan snowcock, and snow partridge are the major fauna of the region.

4. Ansoo Lake

Ansoo Lake

Ansoo Lake!!! Another jaw-dropping miracle located in Kaghan Valley of KPK.

This beautiful tear-shaped lake is located in Kaghan Valley at an altitude of 13,927 feet near Malika Parbat. It is the highest lake in the Himalaya region. It is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Kaghan Valley.

For reaching this beautiful lake, there are two routes:

Route 1 – From Lake Saif-ul-Malook: There is a nine-hour round trip trekking from Lake Saif-ul-Malook to Ansoo Lake.

You must set off early in the morning and cover the trek by rigorous mountain climbing to see this beautiful lake. However, the best option is to stay in camps at Lake Saif-ul-Malook and start excursion to Ansoo Lake, the following day.

Route 2 – From Mahandri through Manoor village: You can also trek to Ansoo Lake from Mahandri which is located in South of Naran at 40 KM distance.

First of all, you have to go to Manoor valley from Mahandri through jeep. After that, you have to trek for 6-7 hours to Dher meadow and from Dher, there is 4 hours trekking to Ansoo Lake.

The best time to visit Ansoo Lake is the month of July and August because the route and the lake are snow-hidden for the rest of the year.

Remember! Never forget to take TourMover guide with you because you can’t mountain climb alone. Also take your hiking sticks, a soft pair of jogging shoes, warm clothes, enough water and eateries with you.

An amazing tip for mountain climbing: Always take some dates and dry fruits with you to reenergize yourself.

5. Pyala Lake

Pyala Lake

It is another most beautiful lake of Kaghan valley situated Jalkhand, at a distance of 40 KM from Naran. It is known as Pyala lake because of its round shape or bowl shape. Pyala lake situated on the top of the mountain and is a significant place for the tourists.

This lake is accessible by any vehicle and you can also trek by climbing rigorous mountains. The height of this lake is 11,190 feet. The distant view of Pyala Lake is very awesome and reflects the beauty of nature.

6. The Black and Blue Saral Lake

The Black and Blue Saral Lake

The Black and Blue Saral Lake is another beautiful lake situated in Naran, Kaghan Valley. It is mistaken as the Saral Lake of Azad Kashmir, but both are different. The altitude of this lake is 11,482 feet and is accessible after 5-6 hours trekking from Dudipatsar Lake.

No doubt that the beauty of this place is the best to behold. The surrounding mountains of the lake are greenish black in color while the color of the water in the lake is blue.

Never miss visiting the Black and Blue Saral like during your tour to Naran-Kaghan valley in summer 2019.

7. Satsar Mala Lake

Satsar Mala Lake

Satsar Mala Lake!!! The name is beautiful, first of all. Now, what does the name means? Sat in Urdu means “Seven”, Sar means “Lake”, and Mala means “Chain”.

So, the literal means of the phrase is “The Chain of Seven Lakes”. And yes, these seven lakes are located closer to one another.

Some people are of the view that they are located in Kashmir valley while others say that it is the part of Kaghan Valley.

From Kaghan Valley, these lakes are accessible from the Lulusar Lake through vehicles as well as by trekking. The basecamp for these lakes is Besal because the track to these lakes is situated here.

The surface elevation of these lakes is 11,840 feet. These lakes are named as follows.

  • 1st Lake also called Fairy Lake
  • 2nd Lake
  • 3rd Lake
  • 4th Lake
  • 5th Lake
  • 6th Lake also called Surkhail Lake
  • 7th Lake also called Sangar Lake

Best time to Visit Naran Kaghan:

These lakes are accessible only in summers because the route is blocked due to heavy snowfall in winters. So, you must visit Satsar Mala lakes and take the photographs of each lake during your tour to Naran in summer 2019.

Some other beautiful lakes of Naran-Kaghan Valley are Gitidas Lake, Sambaksar Lake, Dharamsar lake, and Surkhail lake.

So, you’re almost done with the virtual tour of beautiful places and lakes of Naran-Kaghan Valley. Now it’s the time to contact TourMover to schedule your trip to Naran-Kaghan Valley for summer 2019. All of these places are worth a visit.

You will surely enjoy visiting these mesmerizing places with Tour Mover. Choose from range of tour packages available on our website or tell us to arrange a customized tour for you.

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