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Chitral Tour Guide

Chitral Tour Guide

Hoorayyyy!!!! The summer season is approaching. It means you must sit down, relax and decide about the place where you want to spend your summer vacation 2019.

Don’t you think Chitral is the best? Why not enjoy Chilum Joshi this May? or Uchau in September?

You might need a tour guide to Chitral! TourMovers is here.

Chitral Tour Guide 2019

After all, Chitral Valley of KPK is one of the jewels in Pakistan’s crown. The landscapes, valleys, river, and mountains in Chitral are extremely beautiful. Due to the beauty and natural sceneries, many people visit Chitral every year.

This summer TourMover offers you the best packages and tour guide for visiting Chitral valley.

First of all, let me tell you three different ways of getting to Chitral.

Traveling to Chitral

“Travelling by plane, or car, or train??? It doesn’t matter as long as I can travel”.

Choosing a safe, comfortable, and economical way to travel is one of the most important things that a traveler must consider. For traveling to Chitral, you can choose from among car, bus, or plane.

Travel to Chitral by road

Rental cars: Firstly, tourists hire rental cars for traveling to Chitral which takes around 8 to 10 hours from Islamabad, 8 hours from Peshawar, and 14 hours from Gilgit.

The route from Peshawar is through Malakand and Lowari tunnel. Lowari tunnel is a very beautiful 10.4 KM pass constructed for providing little relief to travelers.

After reaching Chitral, tourists hire local cars for inter-city travel. The prices of these rental cars are usually high. Therefore, TourMover provides you with cheapest and best quality rental cars services to Chitral.

Chitral buses: Secondly, microbuses or coasters also run from Peshawar to Chitral, crossing Malakand division and Lowari Pass.

Traveling by bus consumes around 12 to 13 hours when all the passes are open. However, the roads and passes are mostly blocked in snowy weather.

Traveling to Chitral by Air

Chitral flights: This is the most adventurous way of traveling to Chitral valley. The aerial distance between Peshawar and Chitral is 211 KMs and takes 50 minutes only.

Fokker F27 of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) beautifully lands on Chitral airport by flying through snowy mountains.

After you have reached Chitral with TourMovers, you are now ready to explore different valleys and beautiful places in Chitral.

Exploring the Kalash Valleys, Chitral

Kalash Valley Chitral

Regardless of which Kalash valley you’re going, you have to choose public transport. Jeeps from the center of Chitral, and shared taxis and local pickups from Ayun valley get you to Kalash valleys.

After TourMover rental car takes you to the center of Chitral, you must hire a jeep to go to any of these valleys. Jeep charges Rs.200-300 per person. The jeeps leave for the valleys once they’re full.

The second option is getting to Ayun valley which is at an hour distance from Chitral. Shared taxi costs Rs.100 per person and Rs.600 for the whole car for going to Ayun from Chitral. The mini-vans cost Rs.20 only from Chitral to Ayun.

From Ayun to Kalash valleys, tourists hire shared cars. These cost Rs.100 per person. The shared cars are usually found in the early morning or in the evening.

If you don’t want to share the car, you can hire it privately costing Rs.1000 to 1500. I remembered paying Rs.1200.

TourMover tour guide can help you in selecting the best transport for going to Chitral.

Hotels and Rentals in Chitral Valley

“Don’t let your fears make your decision for you” – Annette White

Oh yes!!! TourMover makes it easy for you to choose and decide the best place to stay in Chitral. There are a lot of hotels and rentals in Chitral valley where you can stay during your vacation.

Hotels in Chitral are present at the spots where tourists can enjoy the scenery. The hotels are also equipped with all modern day facilities like lodging, parking, Wi-Fi, restaurants, romantic rooms and much more at economical prices.

Pamir River Side Inn Chitral, Eagle Nest Guest House, Hindu Kush Heights, and Ayun Fort Inn are best hotels of Chitral valley.

TourMover provides you with the best quality and economical packages for hotels, rentals and guest houses in Chitral.

Shopping in Chitral Valley 

Here comes the time for shopping!!!

The markets in Chitral are thriving with a lot of specialties made there. The women of Chitral make special embroidered dresses which are available in the market.

They are very attractive for tourists and they buy them for presenting to their family members.

‘Patti’ is a famous coarse cloth with embroidery available in Chitral markets. Other specialties found in Chitral bazaars are Chitrali cap (Pakol), Choga (long dresses), carpets and rugs, and antique jewelry etc.

Moreover, the tourists also shop dry fruits and fruits from Chitral bazaar. Famous dry fruits of Chitral include walnuts, dried apricots, almonds, figs, and dried mulberry.

Shahi Bazar, Anaar Kali bazar, and Chitral Bazaar are the main bazaars of Chitral valley.

Our guides at TourMovers are here to help you in exploring Chitral bazaars.

Best Time to go to Chitral Valley

Don’t you think it is important to explore about Chitral’s weather???

The weather of Chitral is temperate which means that it is extremely cold in winter and warm in summer. However, the nights in the summer season are pleasant.

The best time to visit Chitral valley is from May to September when the temperature ranges from 150C to 300C maximum.

The temperature of Chitral in winter drops below zero and the weather becomes snowy. Kalashi people arrange a very interesting festival in May of every year which attracts tourists from all over the world.

Hence, if you want to enjoy the festival this year in Chitral, TourMover offers you the best economical packages.

Before you go, contact TourMovers for an amazing and memorable tour.

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