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Beautiful Places to Visit in Chitral Valley Pakistan

Beautiful Places to Visit in Chitral Valley Pakistan

“In the valleys, I will lift my eyes to the One, who have created them so beautifully”.

Certainly, When I roam around in Pakistan, I think that Allah has blessed it with many beautiful places. Chitral Valley is one of them.

There are many beautiful places to visit in Chitral Valley. The Chitral Valley of Pakistan is so breathtaking that you become relaxed after spending a vacation there.

It becomes more romantic and beautiful in summer when the snow melts, the river gushes, and the landscape turns lush green. The weather of Chitral in summer is very pleasant.

In winter, there is heavy snowfall and the mountains covered with snow present very attractive scenery. Due to snowfall and glaciers, the weather of Chitral in winter is extremely cold.

Above all, I have personally visited Chitral in February when everything was covered with snow. Wow!!!

I assure you that the entire valley is very beautiful. The river, mountains, sceneries, people, and the weather of Chitral, everything promises a very calm vacation.

First of all, let me introduce you to beautiful places in Chitral. These include:

  1. Bumburet valley
  2. Rumbur valley
  3. Birir valley
  4. Ayun valley
  5. Garam Chashma
  6. Booni
  7. Shandur Pass
  8. Tirch Mir

After all, TourMover is here to help you in selecting the most economical package for visiting beautiful places of Chitral.

Exploring the Kalash Valley of Chitral

Kalash Valley Chitral

Located in the northwest of Pakistan, Kalash valleys bordering Afghanistan are the most traditional area of Chitral district. During my tour to Chitral valley, I first visited the Kalash valleys i.e. Bumburet, Rumbur, and Birir valley.

The people living in these valleys are Pakistanis but they are not Muslims. The population of these three valleys is nearly 5,000. I observed that the people of Kalash valleys have their own culture, traditions, religion, and festivals.

Moreover, I was amazed by the dress worn by a Kalashi woman who came to meet me. The dress was colorful as she is going to a wedding. I asked her if she is comfortable in this long heavy dress.

She replied that she and the other women feel uncomfortable but they never compromise on their cultural dressing.

Most importantly, while leaving Kalash valley, a Kalashi man presented me with a long colorful robe as a gift. On asking, he replied that they see off guests with lovely gifts.

The people of Kalash valley celebrate three grand festivals each year. Chilum Joshi in May, Uchau in September (autumn), and Choimus celebrated two weeks around the winter solstice.

During the festivals, the traditional Kalashi people dance, drink, and enjoy. They also worship their gods and spirits and make sacrifices to make them happy. The girls of Kalash choose their future husbands during the Chilum Joshi festival.

If you want to visit Kalash valleys this May to enjoy 4-day Chilum Joshi festival, contact TourMover for the best package.

In the first place, you have to select which Kalash valley to visit.

Beautiful Places to Visit in Chitral Valley Pakistan

“When you leave a beautiful place, you carry it with you everywhere you go”. Alexandra Stoddard

Similarly, I have brought numerous beautiful sceneries and memories of Chitral with me. Therefore, I want you to go and explore the beautiful places in Chitral valley.

1. Bumburet Valley


Bumburet is the biggest and the most commercialized valley of Kalash. The place is advanced in terms of modern facilities and throngs with a large number of domestic tourists.

Due to this reason, I suggest you visit this place in the month of May to enjoy the Kalash Chilam Joshi festival.

2. Rumbur valley

Rumbur valley Kalash

Rumbur valley has a lot of small underdeveloped villages located to the north of Bumburet. It usually throngs with foreign tourists. The valley is big enough to keep you busy for two days at least.

3. Birir valley

Birir valley

This is the smallest Kalash side valley located to the south of Bumburet. The place is less developed and sees few visitors round the year.

4. Ayun valley

Ayun valley

Located at the bank of Chitral River, this is one of the most beautiful valleys of Chitral. It is a lush green valley situated between Chitral town and Ayun Valley. It is a gateway to Kalash valleys.

The Chitral River and the Bamburet River merge together at Ayun Valley. The Bamburet River flows along the length of the entire Ayun valley.

The water of this river is used for generation of electricity for Ayun village, irrigation, and drinking.

The people of Ayun valley are very friendly and hospitable. I have visited Ayun Valley and experienced the people welcoming and guiding the tourists.

Most importantly, TourMover has the best packages for a tour to Ayun valley of Chitral. They provide you with the best car rental services at affordable rates. So don’t worry and get ready for an adventurous tour with TourMovers.

5. Garam Chashma

Garam Chishma Chitral

Wow!!! The name seems interesting, does it? Garam Chashma is also known as hot springs or warm springs. It is a beautiful valley of Chitral located in Hindu Kush range at an elevation of 2,550 meters.

It is one of the famous tourist attractions of Chitral and is famous for hot water springs, trout fish, and precious stones.

The place is worth-visiting for rock climbing, fish sporting, natural springs, and a peaceful environment.

Here is one more interesting fact about GARAM CHASHMA!! The water of springs is used as a natural medication for skin diseases and chronic headaches. Bathing places have been constructed for visitors to take showers with spring waters.

You might be wondering the reason behind the hotness of water in springs. This is due to large amounts of sulphur deposits under the ground.

The sulphur increases the temperature of water above the boiling point and the temperature rises to almost 2600C.

Hence, let’s visit Garam Chashma with TourMover at highly affordable prices and comfortable travel.

6. Booni

Booni Chitral

In the crown of Chitral Valley, one of the jewels is Booni. Like other valleys, Booni is very beautiful and worth watching the town of Chitral.

The landmasses of Booni are fan-shaped formed due to glacial deposits which are a major attraction for tourists.

Amazing fact! The town is highly developed in terms of educational facilities provided to the natives. The Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) Motel is also located here.

If you want to stay here during your vacation, TourMover is here to help you.

The weather of Booni in summer is warm due to direct exposure of the valley to sunshine. In winter, the weather is extremely cold. The place is also famous for the growth of different vegetables, fruits, and crops.

So, why not pay a visit to this beautiful place of Chitral this summer? With TourMover??? Let’s go…

7. Shandur Pass

Shandur Pass

Do you know the other name of Shandur Pass? “Roof of the World”…

It is the highest mountain pass located at an elevation of 3,700 meters. It is located between Chitral district of KPK and Ghizer district of Gilgit Baltistan.

If you’re adventurous tourists, this is the perfect place to go. The roads are narrow, rough and gravel and you must expect driving in 1st and 2nd gear only. Also, most of the roads are suitable for one vehicle only.

The best time to visit Shandur Pass is between late April and early November. Jeeps are the best option to drive through the roads to reach this worth watching place.

The Shandur Polo festival is organized every year in the month of July. In the festival, teams of Chitral and Gilgit Baltistan play polo matches on Shandur Top.

Therefore, TourMover offers you the best package for the Shandur Polo festival this July.

8. Tirch Mir

Tirch Mir

Tirch Mir, or Turch Mir???? Well, whatever the pronunciation is, it’s the highest peak in Hindu Kush Mountain Range.

It is the highest mountain in the world outside of the Himalayas-Karakoram Range. It is located in the Mulkow Valley in Chitral district. Moreover, the elevation of this mountainous range is 7,708 meters.

Do you know an interesting fact about Tirch Mir? In Wakhi language, Trich means darkness and Mir means king. Hence, the name means King of darkness.

The name can also be attributed to the shadows created by Tirch Mir on Wakhan side.

The average temperature of Tirch Mir ranges from highest 130C in July to lowest -120C in winter. So what do you think? Isn’t this June-July the best time to visit Tirch Mir with TourMover. Certainly, it is.

Finally, we provide the best and economical travel services to beautiful places in Chitral including rental cars, hotels and rentals, and local tour guides.

Now hold your breath!!! Because it’s the time to explore some other breathtaking places of Chitral valley with TourMovers.

9. Karambar Lake

Karambar Lake

Considered one of the highest, coldest, and transparent, the beautiful Karambar Lake is an Alpine glacial lake. It is situated in Broghil Valley of Chitral and Ishkomen Valley of Gilgit.

Karambar Lake is the 2nd highest lake of Pakistan, 1st is the Rush Lake of Gilgit Baltistan. It is located at an altitude of 4,272 meters and is highly biologically active.

Heavenly!! Why don’t you visit it yourself?

For going to Broghil Valley, people drive through jeeps. After that, 3-day trekking is must to reach Karambar Lake. I assure you that the adventure would be mesmerizing.

10. Barmoghlasht


Difficult to pronounce but worth-watching and extremely beautiful!!!

It is an attractive resort and holiday retreat built on a very beautiful landscape. The distance between Barmoghlasht and Chitral town is 14.5-kilometers.

Moreover, it’s worth seeing because it is the engineering of royal families of Chitral. It is situated between lush green pastures which adds more to the beauty of the resort.

11. Chitral Museum

Chitral Museum

Chitral district of KPK is famous worldwide for its heritage and culture. For the preservation of cultural heritage and attractive sceneries of Chitral, Chitral museum has been established.

Chitral museum has two galleries i.e. ethnological gallery and archaeological gallery.
The ethnological gallery presents the life mode of Chitral people.

Moreover, different objects like jewelry, weapons, traditional clothes, furniture, ceramics, and musical instruments are part of the ethnological gallery.

Likewise, the archaeological gallery presents the ancient cultural materials of Kalash Valley.

Therefore, during your visit to Chitral Museum, you can explore the contemporary and ancient Chitral culture and heritage.

12. Shahi Fort

Shahi Fort Chitral KPK Pakistan

On the right bank of Chitral River, near the Shahi Mosque, a beautiful and majestic fort has been constructed. It is known as Shahi fort Chitral.

The fort was built in the 14th century by Raja Nadir Shah. It isn’t in its original form now but it still reveals the richness of its past.

Moreover, in 1969, the Shahi Fort Chitral was declared as the personal property of Chitral’s last ruler. Therefore, before visiting Shahi Fort, it’s important to seek permission.

But don’t worry at all! Our guides at TourMover will help you visit the Shahi Fort from inside.

13. Governor Cottage

Governor Cottage

The name reveals the royalty of the place, isn’t it???

Governor Cottage is one of the beautiful places of Chitral valley. It represents the typical construction style of Chitral.

The place is surrounded by huge mountains and lush green landscapes. A lot of historical objects are preserved here which fascinates tourists.

Can’t you travel the bumpy road to Tirch Mir? You can have a clear view of Tirch Mir from here in clear weather. Moreover, the place is open to the general public.

14. Chitral Gol National Park

Chitral Gol National Park

Chitral Gol National Park is located beside the Chitral River at a distance of 2 hours consistent drive from Chitral Town. Another name of this park is Chitral National Park.

You can walk at an area of 7,750 hectares at a 5,000-meter elevation. The route to park is narrow, dangerous and adventurous.

You can see three valleys, huge glaciers, and beautiful streams stemming from glaciers in the park. The park is rich in cedar trees.

What else is there in the park? A lot of animal life… Markhor, ibex, black bear wolves, red-fox, and Himalayan otter.

What’s more? Birdlife… vultures, golden eagles, falcons, snowcocks, monal, snow and rock partridge.

Therefore, a visit to Chitral National Park must be there in your itinerary.

15. Tooshi Game Reserve

Tooshi Game Reserve

Likewise other beautiful places of Chitral, Tooshi Game Reserve is no exception. It is the must visit a place of Chitral where the entry is free of cost.

It is located on the Garam Chashma road and spreads over 1000 hectares. An interesting fact about Tooshi Game Reserve is that it is the heaven of Markhors.

Even more, a herd of Markhors is seen descending from hilltops towards the river at sunrise or sunset.

Hence, pack your binoculars to see this remarkable Game Reserve this summer with TourMovers.

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