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Swat Tour Guide

Swat Tour Guide

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.” – Jack Kerouac

You don’t have to stay in one place all the time. You’ve to get rid of your boring routine. After all, the summer vacation is near and I would suggest you plan your tour in advance. Let’s read about Swat Tour Guide.

Tour Guide Swat (2019)

Maybe, you are thinking about the place where you want to spend vacations…

Swat Valley… It is the best place. You won’t regret traveling with TourMover to Swat beautiful place in Pakistan. It is one of the most beautiful districts in the Malakand division of KPK.

Swat is a valley of valleys, mountains, rivers, streams, lakes, green plains and beauty. There is no parallel in beauty and charm to Swat in entire Pakistan. After all, it is known as “Switzerland of Pakistan“.

In this article, I will explain everything you need for traveling to Swat. Additionally, you can find the details regarding the best time to visit Swat, the weather of Swat and shopping at Swat, etc.

This is a brief tour guide to Swat (2019)

Traveling to Swat Valley (How to travel to Swat valley)

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

So don’t you worry about traveling anywhere, it always makes you rich. Because when you come back, you bring memories, freshness, photographs, and gifts.

Are you thinking about traveling arrangements and expenses? Don’t get anxious. TourMover is here to arrange everything for your traveling.

First of all, let me tell you three different ways of traveling to Swat Valley.

  1. Traveling to Swat Valley by bus
  2. Traveling to Swat Valley by car
  3. Flying to Swat Valley by plane

Traveling by Bus

One of the three ways of traveling to Swat Valley is by bus. Firstly, there are a number of public transport companies operating in all the major cities of Pakistan.

For instance, Peshawar, Lahore, Mardan, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Karachi run buses to Mingora. A public air-conditioned bus from Peshawar charges 260 Rs. per head to Swat.

Hence, you can avail air-conditioned bus service to Mingora. Daewoo also operates from these Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore, and Mardan to Mingora.

Daewoo charges Rs. 410/head from Mardan, Rs. 450/head from Peshawar, and Rs. 600/head from Rawalpindi.

But, it doesn’t end here. From Mingora/Saidu Sharif, you have to change bus and avail local transport to other places in Swat Valley. After all, you have come here to visit the entire beautiful valley of Swat.

Route for Buses

From Peshawar to Mingora: The distance from Peshawar to Mingora is 151 KM. First of all, the bus travels on Motorway from Peshawar to Mardan.

From Mardan onwards, the bus routes Takht-bai, Dargai, Malakand Pass (beautiful), Chakdara, and finally Mingora.

From Rawalpindi/Islamabad to Mingora: The distance from Rawalpindi/Islamabad to Mingora is 247 KM. For traveling from Rawalpindi to Mingora, the bus travels on M1 to Mardan interchange and then follows the same route ahead.

Traveling by Car

Secondly, you can also travel to Swat by car. Cars also take the same routes as buses. I am talking about rental cars. Yes!!! there are a number of companies providing rental car services to tourists visiting Swat Valley.

But I think you must hire a comfortable and affordable service. Therefore, TourMover has designed the best packages for you to spend a relaxing vacation in Swat Valley.

We provide rental cars at highly affordable rates. Moreover, our cars don’t stop at local stops every now and then. Travel like a king in our rental cars.

Now, I will tell you about my personal experience of traveling to Swat. I visited Swat last year. And I chose to travel by local transport.

Believe me, it was tiring and hectic to change buses time and again. Hence, I would suggest you avail the TourMover services if you want to have a comfortable trip.

Flying to Swat Valley by Plane

Finally, one more option for traveling to Swat Valley is to fly by plane from Islamabad to Saidu Sharif Airport. PIA has scheduled three flights per week from Islamabad to Saidu Sharif. The total flight is 30 minutes long.

Again, I would recommend you not to take the air route because you probably miss the sceneries and landscapes.

Weather of Swat Valley (What is the best time to visit Swat Valley)

Yes, this is a very important question. Before you get anywhere, it is necessary to look for the weather of that place so that you can prepare yourself for bad weather conditions.

After all, this is your annual vacation and it must not be ruined due to weather. The weather of Swat is very pleasant both in summer and winters.

The valley of Swat is open for visitors twelve months around the year. The best time to explore the Swat valley is from June to October. Because the weather is pleasant and the temperature ranges from 320F to 1170F.

The sightseeing, hiking, trekking, and exploration of beautiful sights in Swat can easily be done in this weather.

During the summer season, the valley of Swat is over-crowded with tourists, festivity is high, and rates of hotels are at their peak.

But when TourMovers is here, you don’t have to worry about anything. Most noteworthy, we provide services from traveling to hiring hotels and rentals and tour guide etc.

Those who love snowfall and can stand low-temperature conditions also visit Swat for enjoying the winter season.

The temperature range during December-January is 320F and 700F and weather during nighttime is chilled but daytime is pleasant.

Shopping in Swat Valley (Visiting Swat Valley Markets)

Do you know what happiness is??? For me, it is shopping. And it becomes a delight when you are somewhere in a variety market. Above all, a vacation trip is incomplete without shopping.

Therefore, the locals in Swat Valley, Kalam Valley, Bahrain, and Madayan have developed a huge market. There is a variety of clothes (antique), jewelry, eateries, decoration pieces, shawls for men and women, kids accessories in those markets.

Let me share with you my personal experience of shopping in Swat.

During my tour to Swat Valley, I shopped at Kalam Valley and Bahrain market. I remember buying shawls for my sisters, toys for kids, a very beautiful embroidered dupatta, antique jewelry, and some decoration pieces.

What is most interesting in these things? Guess… They are highly affordable.

You can also buy gems like Zamarod for your loved one. After all, it was the gift given to Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to Swat. Marble stones of different sizes and colors are also available in the market.

Additionally, dry fruits and fresh fruits are also available in Swat market at very affordable prices. Plum, Apple, Apricot, Peaches, and Oranges in this region are very famous.

I remembered buying sacks of Peaches for the family during my visit to Swat Valley in August 2018.

Picnic Spots in Swat Valley (Beautiful Places of Swat Valley)

Is that a question to ask about Swat Valley spots? Swat Valley itself is a beautiful picnic spot. But yes, staying in one place makes the vacation very boring.

Therefore, I am going to suggest some very beautiful picnic spots in Swat Valley.

Historical sites: As Swat valley has been influenced by Buddha civilization, so it has many historical sites. You can take your family to Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi Mosque, Butkada I, Raja Gira Castle Odigram, and Shingardar Stupa. Your children would love to see these historical places.

Lakes: Take your family to the most beautiful lakes in Swat Valley. These are Bashigram Lake, Spin Khwar (White Stream) Lake, Daral Lake, Mahodand (Fish Lake), Saidgai Lake, Kundal Lake, Pari/Khapiro (Fairy) Lake-1 and Lake-2, Izmis Lake, Katora Lake, Saifullah Lake, and Jabba Zomalu Lake.

Valleys: Never miss the visit to the most beautiful valleys of Swat Valley. These include Kalam Valley, Utror Valley, Madayan valley, Mankial valley, Chail valley, Shanku & Bashigram valley.

When you visit Kalam Valley, never forget to visit Ushu forest. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.

Parks: Last but not least, your children are waiting for their turn. After all, it is their vacation too. Take them to Fizaghat Park, Azadi Park Totano Bandai Swat, Dadahara Park, and Guljaba Park.

There they would enjoy fresh air, swings, snacks, and drinks with their fellows.

Hotels and Resorts in Swat Valley (Where to stay in Swat)

The paradise of nature lovers – Swat is full of hotels and resorts for providing accommodation and lodging facilities to the tourists. The entire range of hotels in Swat provides excellent services and facilities to tourists at affordable prices.

The famous hotels of Swat valley include:

Mingora Hotels

  1. Swat Continental Hotel
  2. Hotel Swat Regency
  3. Swat Riverina Hotel
  4. Hotel Tajmahal

Saidu Sharif Hotels

  1. Swat Serena Hotel
  2. PTDC Motel Saidu Sharif
  3. Hotel White Palace

Fizagat Hotels

  1. The Lord’s Palace Hotel
  2. Rock City Resort
  3. Thames Hotel

Hotels in Miandam

  1. Hotel Miandam Palace
  2. PTDC Motel Miandam

Hotels in Madayan

  1. Bagram Hotel and Restaurant
  2. Swat Holiday Hotel
  3. Foreign Hotel
  4. Seven Star Hotel
  5. Zarin Hotel

Hotels in Kalam

  1. PTDC Motel Kalam
  2. Galaxy Hotel Swat Kalam
  3. Hotel Al-Khaleej Kalam

All of these hotels are located on the spots where the tourists can get access to all facilities. Moreover, you can also get ecstatic views of natural sceneries and landscapes from these hotels.

Hence, its time to contact TourMovers so that they can book the best hotel for you in Swat Valley. After all, we are here to make your summer vacation 2019 memorable.

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