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How It Works?

1 Select Services

It is very easy. Select service to display service descriptions, options & reviews & proceed for booking.

If you have specific requirements and want the service to be tailored to your requirements, just go to the “Make My Trip” section, provide us your customized requirements, our team of travel experts will design a travel package & give you the quote.

2 Make Booking

Making bookings is just simple. You do not need any credit card/debit card to make bookings. Select service and choose dates, enter number of persons and/or any other special requirements you may have, and press the Booking button.

3  Get Confirmation

You will get booking confirmation through email with complete details of your bookings. Our sales team may follow up with you on the phone as well.

3 Make Payment

You can either make payment online at the time of checkout or through Mobile payment channels at your convenience, or pay at the counter when you arrive at the destination.