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Beautiful Places to visit in Abbottabad

Beautiful Places to visit in Abbottabad

“It’s hard not to stand in awe and enchantment with the beauty in which nature expresses herself.”

Nature has gifted Abbottabad with numerous beautiful places. There you can spend a relaxing vacation in comfortable rentals.

In Abbottabad, you can visit markets, restaurants, beautiful picnic spots, historical places, and tourist attractions, etc.

You must visit the beautiful places in Abbottabad this summer. After all, TourMover is here with its best and economical packages.

Abbottabad is a perfect place to spend summer, winter, and spring vacations. Also, I have visited Abbottabad in all three seasons. The place is very attractive and promising, regardless of the season.

The weather is pleasant in summer and you can visit different picnic spots in Abbottabad. In the winter season, you can enjoy snowfall in Abbottabad. In winters of 2019, there was heavy snowfall in Abbottabad.

Moreover, many people visited Abbottabad and its beautiful places to enjoy snowfall this winter.

Beautiful Places to Visit in Abbottabad

So, let me take you too to some beautiful places to visit in Abbottabad.

1. Shimla Peak

shimla hill abbottabad

First of all, let me tell you the fact behind its name. Shimla takes its name from Hindko or Punjabi language word Shamla or Shumla, which means the crest of a turban. It is also known as Shimla hill or Shimla Pahari.

The hill is a part of Sherwan range and is present in the western part of Abbottabad. The Sherwan range takes the shape of a crest (peak) in Abbottabad, therefore, its name is Shimla Peak.

The distance between Abbottabad city and Shimla hill is only 10 kilometers.

It is a very beautiful tourist destination of Abbottabad. Even more, you can see the entire Abbottabad valley from the peak.

There are numerous pine trees in this area which adds more to the beauty of this place. The cool breeze of Shimla Hills taking its freshness from pine trees calms the mind.

Moreover, if you are an adventurous tourist like me, the place is best for hiking. Summer is the best time to visit Shimla hills. You can stay in nearby hotels and enjoy festivities in restaurants.

Likewise, if you are a snow-lover, visit this place in winter. The weather is highly chilled, peaks are covered with snow, and the environment is peaceful.

I would suggest you visit Shimla Hill Abbottabad this summer to see its beauty. You can get there by jeep or trek through the mountains. Also, there is a mysterious jungle in Shimla Hills which is worth trekking.

If you want to visit Shimla Hill, you don’t have to worry about arrangements. After all, TourMover is here to arrange the best and economical tour packages for you.

2. Ilyasi Mosque

Ilyasi Mosque in Abbottabad

Ilyasi Mosque is the most glorious wonder of Nawan Shehr village, Abbottabad. This white façade mosque is the major attraction for visitors because of its beauty and spirituality essence.

It is known as the oldest and largest mosque of Abbottabad. It was built in 1932 over a stream of water which still flows beneath it. Most importantly, the mosque covers an area of 5-Kanals and is famous for its beautiful architecture.

When I visited this beautiful mosque, I couldn’t take my eyes off it for a while. The white color and spellbinding atmosphere of the mosque soothed my soul. Yes! historical places give you goosebumps.

Let me tell you an amazing fact about this mosque! The locals say that there is a natural water spring in this mosque which has healing powers. Also, there is a fresh and cold water stream flowing from behind the mountain.

There is a trekking route at the back of mosque where you can hike as well. Moreover, there is a bazaar with a number of small teashops and bakery accessories.

Do you know what is most mouth-watering?? The PAKORAS of Ilyasi Mosque. Yes, people visiting this mosque absolutely enjoy special Pakoras of this place. You can get here in local vans easily by paying Rs. 20 only.

3. Harnoi Lake

harnoi lake abbottabad pakistan

Harnoi Lake? The name sounds familiar. Because it is one of the most attractive tourist spots of Abbottabad. It is located at a distance of 11 kilometers from Abbottabad (15 minutes’ drive) on Nathiagali road. Harnoi Lake is a very attractive place.

Harnoi Lake is surrounded by tall mountains covered with medicinal quality trees and herbs. Also, there is a cold water stream nearby known as Nadi Dhorr.

A cool and fresh breeze refreshes the mind and soul. The weather of this place is pleasant all-year round.

For adults and young people, there are small tea shops, restaurants, and hotels. For kids, there is an amusement park with swings like Ferris wheel, roller coaster, boats, etc.

In addition, there are Hiking places near Harnoi where you can enjoy.

Most importantly, there is a huge crowd of people in summer because of its pleasant weather. You can visit this place in autumn or spring as well. A one-day trip to Harnoi lake with TourMover would definitely soothe your mind.

4. Thandiani

Thandiani Abbotabad Pakistan

Thandiani… Means the place is cold enough, as the name shows. And yes, it definitely is. The temperature of this hill station remains comparatively lower all-year round.

Thandiani is located at an elevation of 2,700 meters above sea level. It is towards the northeast of Abbottabad. The distance between Abbottabad and Thandiani is 37.5 kilometers. It takes around 1 hour 10 minutes to reach there.

There are beautiful lush green mountains surrounding Thandiani. Therefore, it is very peaceful, charming, romantic, and relaxing place.

I loved the place so much because of its greenery and attractive scenery. The road to Thandiani is very smooth. On your way to Thandiani, you can see Pir Panjal Mountain range of Kashmir.

You also encounter snowy mountain ranges of Swat and Chitral, and mountains of Kohistan and Kaghan on Thandiani route.

In addition, there are hotels and restaurants in Thandiani where you can stay and eat. I remember having a tea at a small tea shop in intensely cold weather in Thandiani when I visited the place in November.

Oh yes, the tea was soothing in highly chilled weather.

Don’t you want to enjoy the cold weather of Thandiani this summer? If yes, contact TourMover to avail the best packages and tour arrangements.

5. Dahamtore Village

Dahamtore Village is one of the largest villages of Abbottabad. It is a gateway to several beautiful places of Pakistan. It is located at a distance of 6 kilometers towards the east of Abbottabad.

Moreover, it is located at an elevation of 1,110 meters above sea level. According to the locals of this village, Dahamtore Village is a heaven on the earth.

The place is also famous for the presence of Saian Mola Patt Qalandar Zyarat. Most importantly, people celebrate the Urs Mubarak of this saint every year in February.

Football is the favorite game of this village. The village was also famous as the main business center during the British rule.

Never forget to stop in this village on your way to Nathiagali, Murre, Galiyat, Miranjani, and Makshpuri Top.

6. Sajikot Waterfall

sajikot waterfall abbottabad

In the Havelian Tehsil of Abbottabad district, there is a beautiful waterfall known as Sajikot waterfall. It is one of the major tourist attractions of Abbottabad because of its beauty.

The distance of Sajikot waterfall from Abbottabad is 47 kilometers and from Havelian is 28 kilometers. There is a narrow road from Havelian to Sajikot waterfall that allows tourists to drive their cars to the top.

Comparative to other waterfalls in town, this one is the most amazing and worth visiting. Never miss a chance to visit this beautiful waterfall of Abbottabad.

7. St. Luke’s Church

St. Luke’s Church Abbottabad Pakistan

St. Luke’s Church is an Anglican Church founded in 1864 in Abbottabad. It is dedicated to St. Luke. It is one of the famous British and Indian settlements of Colonial rule.

St. Luke’s Church is one of the famous historical tourists’ destinations of Abbottabad. This church is now under the dominion of Peshawar Diocese of the Church of Pakistan.

Why don’t you take your children to this beautiful church? Because children and young boys and girls are always interested in such things.

When you visit Abbottabad this summer, don’t forget to visit this place.

8. Jalal Baba Auditorium Complex

Jalal Baba Auditorium Complex

This public auditorium of Abbottabad takes its names from Mohammad Jalal-Ud-Din Jalal Baba. It is one of the best design historical buildings of Abbottabad. It was built in 1993 and spreads over an area of 8.75 acres land.

This auditorium has a huge hall for accommodating nearly 700 people at a time. It is used for various public events and gatherings, concerts, and exhibitions, etc.

You must take your children to this public auditorium. There they can see a Karate Club within the auditorium.

Apart from this, it is important that you take your children to such historical places. It increases their interest in history and enhances their learning.

9. Lady Garden Public Park

Lady Garden Public Park

Park!!! Well, a place best for children and ladies to enjoy. It is also one of the major establishments of James Abbott. Moreover, it was established soon after the foundation of Abbottabad. Hence, it is one of the oldest tourist spots of Abbottabad.

It is located opposite St. Luke’s Church. At the time of foundation, only European or white ladies and families used to visit this park. Now, it is open to the general public.

Do you know what is most amazing about this park? Most of the plants and trees planted in this park are imported from England.

You can take your kids to this park to enjoy swings, snacks, and breathe in fresh air. Ladies and families can also walk on the sideways.

Do you remember the James Abbott poem for Abbottabad? That poem has been carved on a big stone and placed outside this park.

When you visit Abbottabad this summer, must visit Lady Garden Public Park. Moreover, get yourself photographed with James Abbott poem and beautiful flowers.

10. Old Lockhart House

old lockhart house abbottabad

Exploring the old historical buildings of Abbottabad is no less than an adventure. Among the oldest historical places of Abbottabad, one is Old Lockhart House. Sir William Lockhart constructed this house in Abbottabad in the 1880s.

The building is very beautiful and represents colonial history. Mr. Lockhart visited this place regularly in summers because of its beauty. I would suggest you take your children to this historical place during your trip to Abbottabad.

11. Herarchy Gaming Lounge

The Herarchy Gaming Lounge is located in Jadoon Plaza, phase 1. This is a must visit place for your children. It is a gaming lounge that provides an opportunity to play online games.

The place provides all the facilities for people to play games. People play games with their friends or with anyone from the world.

There are more than 100 computers and high-speed internet in the gaming café. You must take your adult children to Herarchy gaming Lounge so that they can enjoy.

12. Lodge of Civil Surgeon of Hazara

Lodge of Civil Surgeon of Hazara

Similar to other historical places of Abbottabad, the Lodge of Civil Surgeon of Hazara is no exception in terms of beauty.

When exploring the historical beauty of Abbottabad, never miss this place. It is a beautiful bungalow located in civil lines, Abbottabad.

This lodge was constructed in the 19th century. The outlook of the building is historical because it is made up of lime mortar and black stone-craft. There are pine trees around the building which adds more to its beauty.

Even noteworthy, the building is about to collapse anytime but is a mark of history. However, you can take your family to visit this historical place from outside.


In conclusion, Abbottabad is a city full of beautiful and historical places. Now, you can decide easily that your tour to Abbottabad in summer 2019 would be no less than a blessing.

I would suggest you contact TourMover for your trip arrangement to Abbottabad. Visit the place, soothe your mind, take photographs, and pay gratitude to the Creator.

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